Health Promotion with Activate Health

Activate Health is committed to increasing the health and wellbeing of our community through education, empowerment, and quality Allied Health services.

Health promotional services we provide include:

Workshops and Group seminars:

Activate Health has a variety of programs and are constantly designing new programs and workshops to suit individual group needs. These include;

Group seminars to community groups; Activate Healthy Aging, Get Activ (every age and ability), Activate Backs (back care and prevention), Activate Neuro (Parkinson’s education), Activate Mental Wellbeing, Activate Healthy Lifestyles (wellbeing), and Activate Work readiness.

We are active within the community presenting on all areas or Allied Health, rehabilitation, empowering health, and accessing services.

My Health for Life Program

MHFL is a free QLD government Health program for eligible participants performed by local providers such as ACTIVATE Health. 

My health for life is about feeling good and enjoying the benefits of a healthier life. We support everyday Queenslanders to set realistic health goals and empower them with the knowledge, confidence and practical tools to improve their wellbeing. It’s about making healthy choices part of everyday life. There is lots you can do to keep your health on track, as well as reduce your risk of developing serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Whether it’s eating well, moving more, maintaining a healthy weight, sleeping better or managing stress, our free, healthy lifestyle program will support you to achieve your goals.

My health for life

Please call us to discuss your goals and needs and find out when our next program is running.