Cancer and Exercise Physiology

Exercise has been a proven therapy to aid in the rehabilitation during and after cancer treatment. The process of cancer rehabilitation is physically¬†recovering from your cancer and cancer treatment and also adjusting to any physical changes experienced. Everybody has a different experience when going through their journey and some people’s bodies are effected more than others.¬†


The first question most people ask before they begining an exercise program is:

“Is it safe?”

The answer is yes, with a trained professional such as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.


Exercise for clients with Cancer or completing Cancer treatment poses some amazing benefits which include:

  • Increase function
  • Increase health outcomes
  • Increase quality of life


Exercise had also been proved to:

  • Decrease tiredness and depression
  • Reduce the impact of some side effects
  • Reduce thew risk of the cancer reaccuring


There are many different types of exercises training but research has shown these types have the best effects on people with Cancer:

  • Cardiovascular OR Aerobic training (brisk walking, running, swimming etc.)
  • Resistance/Strength OR Anaerobic training (weights, thera bands, cables etc.)
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Flexibility and Agility


Your return or uptake of exercise does not have to be immediate, it should be a progressive step in your rehabilitation. Activate Health can help with this step to ensure your safety and well being is managed throughout this process.