Return to Work and Work Readiness Programs

Activate Health’s Allied Health team work together to provide the ultimate Work readiness for rehabilitation from injury, return to work (or independence), change of job task or type, injury prevention and management , ergonomics, psychosocial, health and wellbeing. Our Return to Work rehabilitation and work readiness programs are designed too:

  • Rehabilitate and manage physical and mental injuries and disability, for pre injurie functional capacity and wellbeing,
  • Promote an effective return to work (or independence) and decrease RTW recovery time
  • ensure all parties have the support they need and are empowered by the process,
  • Decreased risk of re-injury and physical and mental limitations,
  • Increases physical and mental work readiness
  • Enhance manual handling and task completion
  • Job task, workplace, environment and individually focused,
  • Safe progressions back to work or increased hours/dutiee


Activate Health Return to Work services include:

Activate Work Readiness (Return to Work Rehabilitation and Physical Conditioning)

Activate Work Ability (NDIS Work Readiness for people with disability and/ or special needs)

Work Readiness and Vocational Assessments; including ADL assessment, Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA), and Job Capacity Assessment.

Workplace Suitable Duties plans, Workplace assessment, workplace aides, and modifications

Workplace training and Health Promotion programs

Case Managment and Case Conferencing for RTW stakeholders

Activate Corporate Health Programs


Activate Work Readiness: Return to Work Rehabilitation and Physical Conditioning (RTW-WCP, 300186)

Our physical work conditioning programs assess the physical and psychosocial abilities of the employee and the specific work tasks required and develop a multifactorial and progressive intervention to build the employees capacity to confidently meet these tasks. This can include workplace specific physical fitness, joint specific rehabilitation and conditioning, pain management for RTW or independence, pre and post operative work task conditioning, increased tolerance to full work hours and demand, programs to manage mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Our Activate Work Readiness programs can be structure from fully prescribed and supervised sessions to independently managed programs, and often incorporate a mixture of both and transition with the employee RTW stage to encourage empowerment and independence.  Programs can be performed in a variety of modalities depending on the employee and work task needs, and the stage of the RTW process, including private consults in our therapy gyms, practitioner visits to site, home, or community gyms, and hydrotherapy.

Work Conditioning programs are most effective when performed in conjunction with employee Initial Assessment and or Functional capacity assessments and Workplace Job task analysis.  Reports and/or Case Conferencing with the General Practitioner may be performed within the RTW- WCP to aid in establishing ability for Medical Certification as progressing Suitable Duties as needed.


Activate Work Ability (disability and special needs)

Activate Work Ability interventions are available under NDIS funding (Capacity building and Improved Daily Activity Living), for those with goals related to starting/ returning to the workforce or increasing tasks/ hours. Please see the ACTIVATE Work Ability page.


Work Readiness and Return to Work Assessments

Activate Healths Allied Health professionals conduct the following assessments:

  • INITIAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT (IA) – JOB TASK SPECIFIC: Initial Consultation and Functional Assessment to ascertain current ability, tailored specific to Job task requirements and Injury
  • JOB TASK ANALYSIS (JTA) AND MUSCULOSKELETAL COACHING: Comprehensive workplace assessment breaking down the physical requirements on the role, and ability needed for Return to Work. Aids in planning RTW goal, planning specific Work Conditioning Program, establishing and progressing Suitable Duties, and quantifying ability and job task needs for Case Conferencing.
  • SUITABLE DUTIES PLANS AND PROGRESSION: ACTIVATE Health Exercise Physiologist’s are highly skilled at assessing, prescribing, and performing education within Suitable Duties Plan’s due to our functional Biomechanical and Musculoskeletal knowledge, and experience in the field performing Musculoskeletal Ergonomic education and behavior change coaching.
  • FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY ASSESSMENTS (Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiologist)
  • Home and Workplace assessments for environmental modifications, aides, and ergonomics.
  • VOCATIONAL ASSESSMENTS (Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy)

Return to Work Case Management and Case Conferencing

Our Allied Health Professionals are able to aid the Return-to-work process through attending meetings and liaison with important RTW stakeholders. Allied health professionals involved in case conferencing and liason with injured workers, Employers, doctors and specialists, and case managers can benefit the RTW process by;

  • promote a planned and collaborative approach to the employee rehabilitation and RTW process,
  • enhance stakeholder communication and expectations,
  • Empower employees in their rehabilitation and RTW,
  • Foster employee and employer relationships, clarify the process and RTW expectation, and promote a positive RTW experience,
  • Ensure up to date and concurrent medical certification,


Funding schemes include Workcover QLD, CTP, MVI, and insurance schemes.


Workplace Education and Health Promotion programs 

Activate Health provides empowering and enjoyable Health education programs and seminars including our;

  • Activate Backs (back care and prevention),
  • Workplace manual handling and ergonomics,
  • Activate Work Readiness 

as well as designing programs to your needs and personnel.


My Health for Life- Corporate programs 

Activate Health are trained facilitators in the My Health for Life Program, a QLD government Preventative Health initiative conducted in workplaces to increase the health and wellness of employees. This program is fully funded by the QLD Government and involves individual and group workshops.

Please contact us for more information or see the My Health for Life Website