Exercise Physiology for People with DISABILITY


ACTIVATE health is a registered provider with the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) working with people with disability their carers, medical and support team, and NDIS planners to:

  • Achieve physical goals for increased independence, joining the workforce, and increased mobility,
  • Achieve optimal health. All people should be able to exercise daily to increase health, and prevent disease,
  • Improve Quality of Life through physical and mental wellbeing
  • Socialisation and belonging in community group,
  • Prevention and management of Depression and Anxiety, and

Exercise Physiology services through the NDIS include both Individual and or Group Supervised Exercise physiology sessions targeting the needs and goals of the individual and their condition. Exercise Physiology is claimed under the Improved Health and Wellbeing Section of Funding for those with a permanent disability, where that disability impacts on their ability to perform daily activities.

Disabilities that may benefit from Exercise Physiology:

  • Autism Multiple Sclerosis
  • Amputation Muscle Dystrophy
  • Down’s Syndrome Stroke
  • Vision or Hearing Impairment Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cerebral Palsy Brain injury
  • Musculoskeletal disability, ie spinal injury Motor Neuron disorders
  • Intellectual disability

ACTIVATE Health Exercise Physiology NDIS Programs include:

  • Individual Assessment and Consultation – Program prescription and education
  • Individual Exercise support at Facility – with full supervision throughout exercise sessions
  • Group Exercise Physiology – small groups with similar needs and goals

Individual Exercise Physiology

Targeted short term and long-term Exercise interventions, specific to client’s needs. Exercise intervention to be determined in a 1 hours Initial Consultation and assessment. From which therapy goals, an exercise plan and routine can be recommended. This can be provided to the Client for recommendation for meetings with specialists and NDIS planning.

For example; Clients that are independent with their exercise regime may only need monthly (or 8 weekly) consultation to assess progress and variety of programs. Other clients with more difficult goals and physical or mental limitations affecting exercise may need weekly individual or group supervised sessions with an Exercise Physiologist.

Group Exercise Physiology (subject to availability)

NDIS stipulations small groups – Greater support and specificity provided

Group participants are assessed for physical and intellectual abilities, with care taken to form groups of similar levels and needs maximising results and enjoyment.

ACTIV Down’s Syndrome (1 hours class)

  • A fun and interactive group class targeting Individual Goals
  • Promote optimal physical health, health weight, strong muscles, cardiovascular and respiratory exercise.
  • Help manage or prevent mental health issues such as Depression and Anxiety, sleep disturbances

ACTIV Neuro (Parkinson’s/ MS/ and stroke)

Different level classes apply

Activate Hydrotherapy

Some physical conditions (Cerepral Palsy, Spinal damage, MS)

Exercise therapy in the waters enables multiple benefits including independence of movement not able on land, pain management, improve cardiovascular and respiratory fitness not able on land, supported body weight, pain management, reduced muscles spasm, improved circulation, increased muscles through resistance against the water, and enjoyment.

Sessions can be performed in our Fully Equipped Exercise therapy Gymnasiums (Rockhampton, Yeppoon, and Emu park) or at a facility of client choice).

All Exercise physiology interventions covered under the NDIS incur NO out of pocket expense to the Individual. Rates are changes at indicated NDIS rates , please contact the clinic for the most updates prices.