Private Clients & Personal Training

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Private Client Rehabilitation and Health Promotion (No referal required)

Private Health Rebates available onsite for most providers.

Your personalised plan will consist of a combination of the following Exercise Physiology services, depending on your individual needs.

Individual Consultation and Assessment

This is the start point for all patients. Your Accredited Exercise Physiologist will undertake a one on one consultation in the privacy of a consultation office to review your medical history and physical limitations, and devise a suitable plan to ensure you achieve your goals. The plan may include regular reviews, regular functional re-assessments, in clinic and or home based exercise programs. Each plan will vary and will be individually tailored to personal requirements and findings from assessments performed.

Functional Assessments

If practical to do so, an exercise physiologist will undertake base line measures of functional variables. Assessments undertaken are selected based on your needs and goals, variables that can be measured include postural, gait, joint stability, body composition, aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility, joint range of motion, balance, core strength and resting metabolic rate.

Regular re-assessments are undertaken as necessary and help to monitor your progress, review program effectiveness and help with motivation.

Individual AEP follow ups (as required)

Reviews are undertaken as necessary and allow you to follow up with your exercise physiologist to review progress, progress and / or modify the initial plan. It is our goal to educate you to enable you to self-manage where possible, and work towards increased health outcomes.

Home exercise plan:

Your personalised home program will help you manage your own exercise prescription, and is important to ensure goals are reached. Your program will be tailored to suit your individual needs and goals and will be practically applied to your daily life. Your will receive a detailed program to ensure your able to perform this independently.

AEP Personal Training

Given increased supervision is recommended or preferred, AEP Personal Training can be organised at a time that suits you within our fully equipped facilities. With interventions for all ranges of goals from weight loss, to cardiac rehabilitation, and sport specific training.