ACTIV Neuro (Parkinsons/ Stroke/ MS)


Mixed Gender Neurological Disability Exercise Class

A specific group exercise class that is targeted towards those effected with Parkinson’s Disease and Stroke.

This class focuses towards getting clients active again after a devastating stroke or suffering with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The class includes a combination of seated, standing and balance exercises.

Class numbers are limited to ensure the correct care is available for all participants. In a fun group environment, exercises are focused on BIG movements to help improve musculoskeletal strength, balance games to help reduce falls risk and co-ordination to help improve Activities of Daily Living.

Accredited Exercise Physiologist’s ensure all exercise are targeted to specific tasks and are achievable for all. A private initial assessment is preferably conducted prior to joining, at the cost of a regular consultation to ensure participant safety, appropriate group level, and class specificity.