About ACTIVATE Health Exercise Physiology

Our health professionals are here to help.

All programs and interventions include an Initial Consultation and Assessment to ascertain your specific needs, previous history, current health levels, injury and/or pain specific information, and likes and dislikes – Comfort and enjoyment is an important part of any Exercise Intervention!

Our experienced Accredited Exercise Physiologists then work with you to form achievable goals, functional aims, and current ability to aid in improved program outcomes.

ACTIVATE Health Professionals are here to help you – we use our experience and science based exercise intervention’s to target your needs. We have in-depth experience with high disease state, pain and/or disability, the frail and elderly, right up to those seeking increase strength and fitness, weight loss, and sports performance.

Our Practices

We have everything you need to reach your goals and feel comfortable and supported in three locations. We also do home visits given the assessed need or referral specified. Our Exercise Physiologist can visit your private or retirement facility and design programs which can be achieved in this setting.


ROCKHAMPTON – 5/16 Blanchard Street, Berserker 

Private air-conditioned, fully equipped exercise studio including Allied Health rooms, reception, waiting area, bathroom facilities, disabled access and accessible parking.


YEPPOON – 2 Braithwaite Street

Private air-conditioned, fully equipped exercise studio/exercise therapy gym, 4 private Allied Health offices, bathroom facilities, disabled access and accessible parking.


ZILZIE – Emu Park Gym and Swim, 28 Cocoanut Point Drive, Zilzie

We utilise an office and exercise prescription area within the Emu Park Gym and Swim (Sea Spray Resort Recreational Facility), where we provide individual and group interventions.